We’ve got a solution for that

RTS applications are designed to help our clients to solve their challenges more easily. Driven by data, we listen and engage with our clients to create tailored software solutions that deliver a diverse range of commercial and operational benefits.

We’re passionate about using technology to create software that helps to standardise procedures, increase safety and efficiency, and reduce costs. We aim to streamline internal processes, reduce admin, and make life easier for all involved.

We listen to and understand our clients, considering every stage of the user experience to provide tools that make a positive difference to the rail industry. Below are just some of the ways in which our products are helping to overcome common industry challenges effectively.

A single source of truth

All our software is designed to provide a single source of truth. Vital rail data and information can take a long time to be updated across multiple systems, and quickly becomes outdated once a change occurs. Using a single digital system that updates instantly increases safety and saves time. It means you no longer have to source documents across various people and departments because all the information is readily available in one place.

Enhance accuracy of information

Important handwritten paperwork from engineers on-site can be difficult to read as a result of bad weather or greasy fingerprints. Using a centralised digital hub to upload records ensures information is transcribed correctly, speeding up processes and limiting risk of errors. It also means no more guesswork when it comes to deciphering illegible handwriting or rain-damaged paperwork.

Effectively manage people from all over the railway network

Our online resource management solution seamlessly coordinates essential HR activities with intelligent data capabilities. It provides a safe, cost- effective and optimal allocation of staff. Providing information digitally in this way gives you full visibility of the people you are responsible for – enabling you to easily manage your people from across all areas of the railway network.

Find the right person for the job at hand

Our work planning RTS Ops Suites provides planners with an in-depth overview of all important tasks spanning the UK rail networks. This helps them to prioritise accordingly, which in turn, boosts productivity levels and saves on precious time. The suite refines the most suitable crew members for the jobs needed based on competencies, legal requirements, and work availability.

Any time, any location

Available any time and from any location, our solutions allow users remote access to work orders, safety, risk and hazard information on the go, helping them manage operations efficiently in real-time.

Each challenge our clients face varies depending on the job at hand. We will work collaboratively with you, adapting our products accordingly to meet your requirements.

For more on how our tools are solving customer challenges, take a look at our article: Customer challenges of embedding new operational software.

If you’re ready to make the leap and update your internal processes, please get in touch with our business development manager Paul Geary to talk more about our solutions.