Operations planning: Resource Management

A multi-functional solution for better resource and work order management

Resource management

The RTS resource management module works in tandem with the work management platform to help organisations manage their teams more effectively. A people management tool, it allows users to monitor HR activities such as work start and end times, completed work tasks, training, sickness and annual leave.

Key features


  • All staff are managed effectively and productivity and safety are improved across the network.
  • Multiple contract and T&C’s tracking
  •  Relevant parties have a full breakdown of a staff member’s employment credentials, utilisation and availability to work. 
  • A detailed people management tool for work, training, overtime and other essential HR activities.

Why choose RTS Solutions

  • Manage multiple types of employee records across the business with different working permissions based on their time served or previous employers.
  • Full and detailed management of route knowledge learning records with automatic warnings of upcoming expiry dates to ensure up-to-date training is always carried out.
  • Maximise resource utilisation and save costs by ensuring there is no unworked time or shifts.
  • Competency management software and skills management tool.



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