System Integration

Transform your business to meet the demands of the modern rail industry

System Integration and mobile applications

Through innovative and cost-effective digital systems, RTS Solutions is helping

businesses negotiate the significant challenges that the modern UK rail infrastructure presents.

As the transportation industry changes and transforms at pace, and the demands for emerging technologies grows, businesses will find that existing practices and processes often don’t fit in with the modern way of working.

Organisations can often find themselves locked into maintaining and operating expensive yet essential heritage legacy systems. These systems often sit at the core of the business, driving activities around safety and performance measurement.

To meet the ever-changing demands of the modern railway, the business and the end user, there is a need for organisations to integrate these legacy systems with new technologies and digital platforms.

RTS has a proven record of helping organisations with legacy system constraints access critical operational information faster and easier than ever before, whilst ensuring safety and productivity are never compromised and costs remain controlled.

We can assist you with the integration of processes such as:

  • Rail industry’s logistic ordering and planning system (NROL) – all rail borne work orders
  • Rail industry’s working timetable (WTT) – movements on the rail network including freight trains, empty trains coming in and out of depots.
  • Rail industry’s Train Schedule (Schedule) – train schedules from ITPS
  • Rail industry’s Train Movements (Trust) – reports of train movements past timetabled calling and passing points.

Not only can RTS help you integrate these systems into your desktop and office environment, we can also provide access to the data on any connected tablet or mobile device.

In addition, our bespoke mapping software and operational planning applications enable organisations to see a geographical representation of their data, giving end users a truly detailed view of the movements on the railway network, as well as providing valuable real-time information about their work sites.

Data Services

RTS Solutions  provide organisations with access to essential rail industry information to allow track teams to deliver efficiently and safely by utilising:

  • Network Hazards Data – Railway risk register.
  • Rail Location & Access point Data – approved access and egress points for railway work sites.

We can integrate this data

into your existing platforms or create custom-made applications to suit your needs.


RTS can give your organisation and teams access to essential safety, risk and hazard information whilst out and about – for example, on the work site. Our asset management application also enables engineering teams to complete tasks in the field on a tablet or other mobile device.


With easy-to-access applications that can instantly update and provide users with real-time feedback, RTS are the perfect partner for your organisation in a constantly changing and connected world.

Modernise your business to meet the demands of the digital railway

If you are interested to learn more about the wide range of digital services RTS Solutions can provide and how we can help align your business with the modern needs of the rail environment, then get in touch to see how we can support you.