RTS Solutions: Our History

Who are RTS Solutions?

RTS Solutions are a leading provider of technological and digital systems specifically designed for modernising the UK rail industry. By working closely with this industry for decades, we’ve developed a tailored and comprehensive range of digital solutions that meet the unique requirements of each customer. These solutions are designed to streamline operational processes, old and new, enhance safety, and improve overall productivity, all whilst reducing costs and helping businesses to adapt to the changing landscape of the rail industry.


RTS came to life over 20 years ago. Created in 2000 in response to an urgent need in the Rail Industry to improve their response to incidents occurring within the infrastructure. Our objective was to provide an industry wide one stop solution for railways in the UK. In 2004 we introduced the Fault Management System, a product designed to deliver detailed fault management information with the goal of rectifying railway infrastructure owners’ and contractors’ construction and maintenance workflows and audit capabilities. This in turn allowed rail infrastructure owners to ensure all of their actions are tracked and completed successfully.


And so, with the launch of the Fault Management System, we began our journey to improving operational performance across the UK rail industry.


Reducing the risk of harm

In 2013, we were approached by an infrastructure owner who required an automated planning product to record the arrangements for setting up a safe system of work and briefing the work group to reduce the risk of harm when employees are faced with unavoidable hazards at work. We then began rolling out the Safe System of Work Planning System. This system guides maintenance planners through simple possession and protection management workflows to align with the guidelines designed by industry health and safety experts. With our industry reputation firmly rooted in supporting railway infrastructure contractor across the country, we’ve since been designing and perfecting products ranging from resource and asset management to system integrations, aiding with the detailed design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of the railway during the construction and maintenance phases of the modern rail industry.


Becoming part of Petards Group

In 2018, RTS Solutions then became a part of the Petards Group. This collaboration gave us the scope to increase our offering with the backing of experts who develop rail and traffic solutions that form the architecture of smart cities and technologies for the defence industry. The Petards Group is renowned for its reliable customer service, cutting-edge technical capability, and high-quality products, which has allowed them to build relationships with leading companies and organisations across the world, including Bombardier, Siemens, Stadler, Hitachi, BAE Systems, Leonardo and the UK’s MOD.


As the rail landscape evolves, so do the challenges that arise.

Many rail industry infrastructure owners and contractors’ processes have gone unnoticed for too long but are due technological updates, like the ones we use in everyday life, which can streamline, simplify, and enable greater efficiencies.


Processes, such as the digitisation of key physical documents, are incredibly susceptible to error whilst also taking up valuable time, effort, and resources. Adopting a data-first approach, we’ve developed options to automate processes that are specifically tailored to the unique requirements of each of our clients. Whether it’s an integration of legacy apps into new systems, automating processes to update data in real-time, ease of accessibility for staff, or even saving time and money, we listen and engage to create tailored software solutions to deliver a range of exclusive benefits.


As of this year, we’ve introduced the RTS mobile product to provide infrastructure owners and contractors’ clients with the ability to capture and report progress and completion of daily and weekly construction and maintenance work orders, access work orders , and update employee labour hours. Enabling all remotely captured information to be automatically backed up to the cloud and fed directly into the planning system. The RTS mobile product is another example of modernising and updating error-prone processes that will aid to ease the everyday life of the industry. We’re excited to work with clients on this new product and continue to positively impact the UK rail industry.


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