Navigating challenges: Effective resource management

In the wake of recent weather challenges, with floods and incidents affecting multiple train routes nationwide, efficient resource management is ever more important when it comes to the safe and effective delivery of rail maintenance.

The ability to handle multiple incidents simultaneously demands accurate tracking of competencies, hours worked, and locations of team members. Below we explore the significance of digital resource management, and how it can help to speed up efficiencies and create a safer working rail environment.

Managing strict working guidelines

Engineering resources adhere to strict guidelines, including maximum shift lengths, legislated breaks between shifts, and limits on the number of shifts per week. RTS Solutions integrates these rules into its resource management application logic on Ops Suite, ensuring that individuals are made available or unavailable, based on their planned working patterns.

For example, if an engineer has not had enough rest between shifts, they will be marked as not available to work until they have had their 12 hours rest. The resource management system also highlights any changes in work times requested by the client, that may impact already rostered crews and violate their terms and conditions.


One source of truth

When it comes to resource planning for the railways, having one source of truth is critical to ensure ‘live’ real-time information is directly received from the Network Rail control room. Each work order submitted carries essential and important information.

With the RTS resource management system, during data import from Network Rail Operations (NROl) into the Resource and Work Management tool, dates and times are automatically monitored for changes. Should these changes impact the employees assigned to that work, the system flags a “Roster Review,” ensuring adherence to industry working guidelines and rail safety standards.


Access from anywhere

Rail workers are located here, there, and everywhere – whether that be at the depot, on the tracks or within the station. Being able to access information when out and about is therefore crucial for rail safety. Giving workers the information they need instantaneously enables them to tend to problems sooner, enhancing safety and increasing productivity.

With RTS resource management system, work planners can assign business units and areas to their crews. It gives them the flexibility to access and view resource availability across business units and geographical areas.

This allows for efficient allocation of resources to work as required, even across different regions. Planners can add notes to operatives’ rosters and work to communicate non-standard crewing requirements effectively.


Real-time accuracy

RTS’ resource management system operates in real-time, ensuring that planners have the latest information and accurately allocate and resource correctly. Adherence to industry guidelines and terms and conditions is critical for rail safety, preventing individuals from working at risk or with excess fatigue.


To find out more about how our RTS ops suite can help your business, take a look at our article on efficient work planning in rail, or contact us today.