Efficient work planning in rail 

Success in the safety-critical industry of rail operations depends heavily on the effectiveness of job planning. In particular, being able to identify the right person for the job is crucial. 

RTS’ digital application ‘Ops Suite’ can make work planning easier by providing an overview of tasks on the UK rail network. The tool can help planners to save time and increase productivity by prioritising tasks and allocating suitable crew members based on competencies and legal requirements. There are so many other factors as to why efficient work planning in rail is crucial, as outlined below: 


Maximise on safety 


In the context of the rail industry, adherence to safety protocols is of the utmost importance. Efficient work planning helps to facilitate this. Tracking work on a digital system such as the RTS Ops Suite ensures that safety procedures are followed correctly. The easy-to-access digital platform enables real-time monitoring of faults, continuous surveillance of staff, and the digital logging of their progress, minimising the risk of accidents. 


Carry out maintenance work promptly 


In the realm of rail, which operates on tight schedules, adherence to strict timetables is essential. Efficient work planning is instrumental in ensuring timely execution of tasks without causing disruptions, thereby preserving a reliable service and averting delays. 


Planning for the unforeseen 


In situations where your business unit is 100% allocated, and there’s no choice but for a train driver or conductor to execute maintenance work or transport machinery to a stabling point, RTS Work and Resource Management comes to your aid. The system enables you to effortlessly track down individuals within your organisation possessing the relevant skills and competencies for the job at hand. It enables seamless assignment of tasks, enabling staff to carry out comprehensive updates on work records, including hours, overtime, and work plans etc. 


Efficiently fill resource gaps to save on costs and maximise resources 


By efficiently filling resource gaps, you minimise the risk of overlooking or losing jobs, averting potential fines due to the failure of complying with contractual T&Cs. RTS Work and Resource Management also meticulously tracks skills and competencies, ensuring the right personnel are available precisely when needed, facilitating the completion of tasks as scheduled. This proactive approach not only safeguards your business from unnecessary costs but also ensures optimal productivity levels by utilising staff resources to their full potential. 


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Alternatively, to find out more about RTS’ Ops suite, get in touch with our product manager Paul Geary