Using the agile model the RTS way

Agile model to manage operations for infrastructure and operations within construction and rail


The agile model breaks up processes into different stages for easy and effective project management. A study by McKinsey & Company found companies who utilised the format to transform their business typically had a 30% gain in efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and operational performance.

The RTS Solutions team use their own version of the agile model, driving innovation in rail safety compliance and management processes. Using the methodology allows us to always develop the best solution possible, while delivering on time and within budget.

One of the main focuses of the agile model is improved customer relationships, which is paramount to our success. Improved internal communication between the development team and the product owner allows us to be flexible and meet changing client requirements.

How does RTS Solutions use the agile model?

Used to create and develop rostering software for the digital rail industry, the agile model is broken into the following stages –

  1. Client discovery
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Quality assurance
  5. Deployment

At RTS Solutions, we work on each element in short sprints of 2-4 weeks. These stages allow the whole team to work to the same plan, with clear goals and outlines of what’s required for each element. Using this method helps to meet important deadlines and act fast on customer feedback, while constantly interacting with the client and our internal teams.

Client discovery stage

The first step is building relationships with clients. The Business Development Manager and Product Manager are both responsible for having conversations with customers to understand the challenges they face. This is also known as requirement analysis, and it’s essential for our team to know which element of rail safety or rail maintenance software is needed.

Design stage

Once we understand the client needs, we can go through the Design Document stage to create appropriate digital rail solutions. Our team demonstrate understanding of client challenges by creating a Design Prototype to solve those specific issues.

Development stage

During the development stage of the agile method, our team of Front-End and Back-End Developers work alongside the Product Manager to bring the ideas to life.

Through variations iterations and demonstration stages, the solution is refined continuously until the client requirements are met. Tests are done to ensure the rostering software performance is optimised, delivering the best result.

Customer feedback and reviews within the development stage are essential to coming to the final iteration. Through open discussions, the team can refine any flaws.

Quality assurance stage

Although the development team have delivered a great solution by this stage, the work is not finished. To ensure continuously good service and top-quality operating, RTS Solutions have a Testing Team, including Developers and the Product Manager.

Deployment stage

Once the testing and quality assurance gives us confidence the digital rail solution meets our client requirements and performs as expected, the product goes live. Between our Product Manager and Network Manager, the rostering software is deployed to the cloud environment.

Now the client is regularly using the product, RTS Solutions are on hand to provide production and technical support as and when anything is required through the client’s business as usual activities.

Why is the agile method so effective for the digital rail industry?

From the inception of RTS Solutions, we have developed forward-thinking products tailored to customer needs. As technology advances for rail safety and maintenance, we have adapted to suit changing day-to-day processes.

Although the agile model is a framework, it still allows for flexibility towards changing workloads and client needs, which is always our priority. All digital rail products are a result of collaboration between our expert team and our customer needs.

Ultimately, our aim at RTS Solutions is to provide the best results for our clients. The agile model is a tool for us to increase efficiency, save you money, and improve daily operations of the rail industry.

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