Optimising Rail Workforce Management at Any Time, Any Location – RTS Solutions

RTS’ resource management solution – a rail workforce management system – offers a comprehensive approach to overseeing railway staff from all over the network.

In today’s modern railway landscape and the interconnected world we live in, having immediate access to data is crucial. It’s now the norm to expect to retrieve information wherever we are – at any time, and any location.

Coordinating rail staff through digital rail technology can help to revolutionise operations. When it comes to rail workforce management, having real-time visibility – i.e., automatic updates – of staff members’ work progress, machine faults and issues etc., can enable operations to run much more smoothly.

Getting on board with digital software such as RTS’ resource management system enables rail workforce management to swiftly resolve problems and nip them in the bud, well in advance before they escalate into bigger challenges.

This is beneficial in not only saving time and increasing productivity levels but can also be more cost-effective over the long-term, compared to traditional paper-based systems.

Below we break down the benefits of RTS’ workforce management software, explaining how the application can help to seamlessly allocate rail staff across the rail network:

Cloud-based connectivity

All of RTS Solutions’ products are cloud-based, ensuring accessibility from any location at any time, so long as you have a valid login. This means staff no longer have to wait until you they get emailed their work assignments, shift details, or work plans. They can be accessed on the go with RTS Mobile.

Having the capability to receive automatic updates while out and about can significantly speed up work processes – especially for those trackside workers, or staff members who work on-site and are not office-based. 

Plan maintenance tasks more efficiently

Gain access to your maintenance activities, assigned faults, and tasks through the asset management dashboard on your tablet. Know what needs doing on each machine before even stepping foot in the train depot.

Getting ahead of the game and being informed of what problems need to be fixed ahead of time, allows for efficient daily planning of activities and quicker resolutions. This contributes to increasing overall railway productivity with regards to getting malfunctioning trains fixed and moving quicker, subsequently preventing delays.

Work planners can make changes immediately

For work planners, the ability to access workloads from home, modify plans, and allocate crews instantly eliminates the need to be chained to your office desk.

RTS’ workforce management system enables you to make urgent changes and updates effortlessly through our intuitive digital-based applications. This is ideal for those railway workers who are based on-site and in remote locations. Managing work planning digitally in this way also prevents workers from having to travel up and down the country to make important changes.

For more information on RTS’ products and how they can streamline rail processes, take a look at our blog on streamlining rail operations.